What Would Ignatius Think About Social Media?

With all our know-how we actually have the capability to dwell our lives in nearly fixed contact with others nearly anyplace. So actually, I don’t ever must say goodbye. We can dwell on by way of e-mail perpetually. I ponder what St. Ignatius would say about making an attempt to take action.

I feel he would say that we have to first acknowledge the present that we’ve got in our friendship. Here and now. I don’t know what the longer term holds for both of us, so let me take a second, right here and now, to thanks for the present you could have been to me. Name it. Celebrate it. Wallow in it for only a bit.

Then I feel he would say, concerning staying in touch, we ought to make use of know-how in as a lot because it helps us to reply to God’s love, and rid ourselves of it as far as it hinders us in responding to God’s love. If by staying in touch with me, you aren’t being absolutely current to these in your each day life now, you can be lacking out on the presence of God in them, and they’ll miss out on experiencing it in you—and I do know it’s so absolutely current in you. You have to be absolutely current there on this subsequent section of your life. That is the place God wants you. That is what I need for you.

We don’t must dwell on by way of e-mail or texting or Facebook. We dwell on in our Oneness with Christ. And in that, we are going to by no means lose contact.

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