What Is A Margarita Burn + How To Treat This Skin Reaction

Most specialists advocate treating margarita burn such as you would a sunburn: anti-inflammatory pores and skin soothers (suppose aloe and colloidal oat), a chilly compress, and further solar safety to keep away from making the response worse. While you are at it, you would possibly need to stow the exfoliating acids and retinoids in the intervening time and persist with mild, nourishing merchandise (ceramides, hyaluronic acid, squalane, et al.).

Unfortunately, this response can take just a few months to heal—so endurance is vital. Of course, in the event you’re coping with extra extreme signs (like intense burning or peeling), it’s finest to see a dermatologist as quickly as doable to diagnose and deal with this response.

And if you’re planning on mixing citrus and daylight, accomplish that with warning. You can hold a moist rag shut by and wipe off your face after sipping your beverage to make sure you wash away any residual juice. Just bear in mind to reapply your sunscreen after every wipe. 

The ethical of the story? Drinking margaritas on the seaside often is the peak of leisure, nevertheless it does pose a singular threat to be aware of. 

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