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Our ideas instantly flip to pickle herrings, Swedish pancakes, and lingonberries after we consider nordic meals. However, one other conventional northern European meals is gaining reputation in American households. It is skyr. This is a strained yoghurt that individuals in Iceland have been consuming for hundreds of years. It is a dairy product just like yoghurt. However, it’s barely completely different and holds useful vitamins, positively impacting human well being.

Dairy merchandise are stuffed with important vitamins and minerals. In as we speak’s world, we are able to select from quite a lot of dairy merchandise to devour for varied well being advantages. There appear to be a limitless quantity of choices, whether or not it’s the a number of yoghurt manufacturers or the increasing variety of plant-based alternate options. Skyr is a yoghurt selection that’s turning into more and more fashionable. But what precisely is that this creamy, delectable concoction? Is skyr genuinely nutritious? Let us discover out.

Skyr: An Introduction

Skyr is made utilizing ancestral Icelandic tradition and milk. Although it has an identical texture as yoghurt, it has a milder flavour. Many individuals take into account it similar to bitter milk cheese made utilizing contemporary milk. People eat it in Baltic nations, Germany and Russia like curd cheese. However, it’s gaining reputation worldwide in America and different international locations because of its well being advantages.

Skyr, pronounced ‘Skeer’, is a brilliant addition to any food plan that enables the consumption of dairy merchandise. Many individuals use it as an alternative to Greek yoghurt in most recipes. It has the identical color as conventional yoghurt. However, it’s tangy, nearly bitter and has a wealthy creamier texture than typical yoghurt. In addition, it is usually thicker than yoghurt. 

For ages, skyr has been a staple of Icelandic delicacies. Despite its tanginess and bitter style, it’s value making an attempt for its well being advantages. Skyr is wealthy in probiotics and has low sugar. In addition, the excessive milk content material in Skyr makes it extra protein-rich than yoghurt. It is often served chilled, both solo or with cream. Due to its rising demand, a number of producers are promoting flavoured skyr with flavours like vanilla, espresso, and fruits.

Skyr: Manufacturing Process

  • The course of begins with eradicating the cream from the milk and making it skimmed.
  • The skimmed milk goes into the method of pasteurisation
  • Then comes the pasteurised milk fermentation utilizing a skyr tradition for eight hours.
  • The skyr tradition accommodates specific yoghurt cultures and a small quantity of rennet. The rennet is cheese and never yoghurt.
  • Then the fermented milk goes into filtration. 
  • Finally, individuals can use extra steps like including flavours, corresponding to fruit flavours, vanilla, espresso, cane sugar, and so on. However, it naturally has a touch of residual sweetness. So, it’s best to not add any sugar.

Nutritional Properties of Skyr

As per USDA, 100 grams of plain conventional skyr accommodates the next vitamins.

  • Energy: 73 Kcal
  • Protein: 11.33 g
  • Total Fat: 1.33 g
  • Carbohydrates: 4 g
  • Sugar: 0 g
  • Calcium: 133 mg

The dietary properties of skyr present that it’s a low-calorie meals that gives a excessive quantity of proteins and calcium. It offers almost twice the quantity of protein as typical low-fat yoghurt. In addition, it has a low-fat and carbohydrate content material, making it a wholesome meals selection. The low-fat and high-protein content material of skyr makes it a wholesome possibility for individuals. Furthermore, it has a scrumptious flavour that individuals love. So, skyr is a wonderful selection if you wish to devour a taste-rich meals with low energy and high-protein content material.

The HealthifyMe Note

With 11.33 grams of protein per 100 grams, Skyr is a wonderful supply of protein for you. Furthermore, its calcium content material makes it wholesome to your bones and tooth. With fewer carb content material and low energy, skyr is a wholesome selection that you must incorporate into your meals.

Health Benefits of Skyr

Weight Management and Fat Loss

The dietary properties of skyr are evident to show its weight-management attributes. It is low in energy and excessive in proteins. In addition, it requires 3-4 occasions extra milk than conventional yoghurt manufacturing, that means 3-4 occasions additional milk diet. Dairy merchandise are a wealthy supply of vitamins and bioactive compounds. As a consequence, they’re an necessary modifiable issue for managing wholesome physique weight and composition. 

Studies counsel that dietary calcium can doubtlessly enhance faecal fats excretion to the extent that could possibly be related for the prevention of weight (re-)achieve. In addition, different analysis exhibits that dairy protein helps regulate urge for food, assist handle weight and stop weight achieve. 

A examine states that dairy protein can stimulate diet-induced thermogenesis. As a consequence, it will increase your metabolism and helps you burn extra energy after meals. Furthermore, analysis additionally exhibits that dairy protein retains you full for a very long time. It additional states that top protein meals cut back subsequent calorie consumption, resulting in weight reduction.

Promotes Heart Health

Since skyr accommodates a excessive quantity of milk, it’s a wealthy supply of potassium and different important minerals. As per analysis, larger potassium consumption can cut back the danger of cardiovascular illnesses by 24%. In addition, it reduces blood levels of cholesterol, which is a major threat for coronary heart illnesses. Another analysis on Japanese people found a 14% discount in coronary heart illness fatalities.

Research exhibits potassium in dairy merchandise like skyr can assist lower blood stress. For instance, in people with hypertension, three servings of dairy per day resulted in a substantial discount in systolic blood stress. Besides these, minerals corresponding to calcium, potassium, & magnesium are useful to coronary heart well being.

Healthy for the Bones

Skyr is plentiful in calcium, which is an important nutrient. Your bones and tooth comprise the vast majority of your physique’s calcium. While collagen is the main structural element of your bones, calcium and phosphate work collectively to make them robust and dense. 

According to analysis, calcium consumption will increase bone density and growth in kids and teenagers. However, as you age, your bones lose density, leading to porous bones and the event of osteoporosis. As per research, calcium supplementation protects and prevents bone loss.

Although you will get calcium from a number of meals, one serving of skyr may give 20% of the every day required quantity.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Skyr is wealthy in proteins and has a low carbohydrate content material. Hence, it aids blood sugar regulation. When you devour carbohydrates, your physique breaks them down into glucose to generate power. However, whenever you devour extra quantities of carbohydrates, it might elevate your blood sugar ranges. Hence, a low-carb meals like skyr is wholesome for regulating sugar. In addition, protein consumption inhibits glucose absorption,enhancing glucose administration and management.

Researchers imagine that substituting carbohydrates with proteins improves blood sugar administration considerably.

Best Ways to Eat Skyr

Traditionally, individuals in Iceland serve skyr with a pinch of sugar. However, consuming it uncooked with none sugar is a more healthy possibility. With rising demand, producers are promoting flavoured skyr. But, it often comes with added sugar. In addition, individuals additionally serve it with fruits or jams so as to add sweetness. Furthermore, individuals use it in a number of dishes like flatbreads, frittatas, puddings, and so on. You also can eat it as desserts, cheesecake toppings, fruit smoothies and different yoghurt recipes.

Here are a few of the wholesome recipes which you could attempt.

Smoothie with Cherry Blossoms


  • Vanilla Skyr: ⅔ cup
  • Frozen Cherries: 1 cup
  • Milk or milk alternate: ¼ cup


  • Combine the entire elements in a blender.
  • Add ⅓ cup ice if utilizing contemporary cherries. You also can add honey to your style.

Nordic Bowl


  • Skyr: 2 cups 
  • Wild Berries: 2 cups
  • Lemon, juice, and peel: 1
  • Honey: 1 tbsp
  • Nuts: A Handful
  • Buckwheat: As per style



  • Combine the berries, honey, lemon peel, and juice in a saucepan and saute them,
  • Allow cooling for fifteen minutes with out masking.
  • In a dish, mix the Skyr and the wild berry sauce.
  • Serve with honey and almonds.

Icelandic Berry Skyr Cake


  • Biscuit Crust: ½ Biscuit Package (e.g. cinnamon biscuits or whole-grain butter biscuits). You ought to take sufficient to fill the baking tin’s backside.
  • Butter: 50 g


  • Skyr: 250g
  • Vanilla Skyr: 250 g
  • Cream: 500 ml


  • Blueberries: 1 pack of blueberries or ½ jar of blueberry jam (approx 250g)


  • Crush your biscuits, soften the butter, and mix in a round 24cm cake mould
  • Whip the cream
  • Blend the skyr into the cream progressively 
  • Spread the milk and skyr combination on the biscuit crust, then unfold the jam on prime and prime with the berries.
  • Set apart for two hours till serving.

The HealthifyMe Note

Skyr has a number of vitamins that profit your well being. It additionally helps enhance bone and cardiovascular well being, weight discount, and blood sugar regulation. Furthermore, it has a excessive protein content material with low carbohydrate and fats ranges.. Skyr is a nutrient-dense meal which you could incorporate into almost any food plan.

Skyr vs Greek Yoghurt

  • Greek yoghurt and skyr share an identical carbohydrate, sugar and iron content material. However, here’s what differentiates them.
  • Bacterial Cultures: The major distinction between skyr and Greek yoghurt is the bacterial cultures used of their manufacturing. Unlike Greek yoghurt, skyr fermentation requires specific yoghurt cultures and a small quantity of Rennet.
  • Flavour: The flavour of each these meals is distinctly completely different. Unlike Greek yoghurt, skyr has a sweeter style.
  • Thickness: Greek yoghurt is barely thinner than skyr. Hence, it doesn’t have a cheese-like texture.
  • Protein: Skyr accommodates extra protein content material than yoghurt. One hundred grams of skyr affords 11.33 grams of protein, whereas 100 grams of yoghurt affords solely 3.5 grams of protein.

Is Skyr Healthy for Everyone?

Skyr affords a number of well being advantages. However, it might not profit everybody. Here are a few of the causes.

Since skyr is a dairy product, individuals with casein sensitivity ought to keep away from it. In addition, you also needs to keep away from it if in case you have a whey allergy. Whey and casein are proteins present in milk. If individuals allergic to whey and casein devour lactose, they could expertise allergic reactions to skyr and different dairy merchandise. Some of the signs embody bloating, diarrhoea and anaphylaxis.

Furthermore, lactose-intolerant individuals must be cautious about consuming skyr. If you have already got lactose intolerance, figuring out should you can deal with skyr is a trial and error course of. Although the straining course of eliminates 90% of lactose content material from skyr, it’s best to begin with a tiny dosage to see in case your physique can take it. If straining doesn’t remove all of the lactose content material, you might expertise abdomen discomfort and different digestive points after consuming lactose-containing meals.

The HealthifyMe Note

Everyone has a unique physique sort, and all people has completely different wants and tolerance ranges. Hence, no meals can have the identical impact on everybody. The identical is with Skyr. Although it’s a wholesome selection for most individuals, lactose illiberal and other people with a whey allergy shouldn’t devour it as it might result in opposed well being results.



It is feasible to have an allergic response to skyr. If you might be allergic to dairy, you must keep away from feta cheese. You ought to seek the advice of a physician should you expertise signs like diarrhoea, bloating, or shortness of breath.


Probiotics in skyr can work together with some antibiotics and medicines. Talk to your physician beforehand about doable drug interactions.

The Conclusion

Skyr is a well-known dairy product in Iceland. It’s manufactured by infusing micro organism cultures into skim milk and squeezing the whey out. It has a low-calorie rely however is plentiful in protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. It is excessive in protein, which could enable you drop a few pounds by growing fullness and decreasing starvation. In addition, it’s excessive in calcium, an important ingredient that helps stop bone resorption and osteoporosis. 

Skyr and different dairy merchandise cut back blood stress and the danger of coronary heart illnesses. It is a high-protein, low-carb meals. This mixture might help with blood sugar administration. However, as a result of skyr accommodates milk, it might create issues for people who find themselves lactose illiberal or allergic to exploit. Skyr is usually served with sugar and milk, though you may also devour it in different methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is skyr more healthy than yoghurt?

A. Relative to conventional low-fat yoghurt, skyr appears to be just a little wealthy in energy and has about twice the protein. It has an identical quantity of fats and is marginally decrease in carbs. Skyr is extra satiating due to the protein content material, and the creamy texture offers it a scrumptious flavour with out including energy or fat. Each skyr tub offers extra protein than the identical dimension tub of yoghurt. Therefore, it’s best for anybody on a low-carb or paleo food plan in search of a easy technique to extend their protein consumption. Skyr consists of 19g protein however solely 61 energy each 170g tub.

Q. How a lot skyr ought to I eat a day?

A. Although no guideline determines an higher restrict to skyr consumption, you must devour it carefully. That is as a result of consuming something in extra can result in unintended effects. You ought to monitor the quantity of dairy consumed every day since extreme consumption might have unintended effects like weight achieve, threat of cardiovascular illnesses, rise in blood ldl cholesterol and so on.  Galactose, a kind of sugar present in yoghurt, can also be doubtlessly related with ovarian most cancers.

Q. Which is best for you, skyr or Greek yoghurt?

A. Skyr has a better protein content material than Greek yoghurt, accounting for a few of its larger calorie content material. Although precise quantities fluctuate, a six-ounce serve of plain non-fat skyr has 19 grams of protein. Conversely, plain Greek yoghurt has one gram much less protein per six-ounce serving, at 18 grams.

Q. Is skyr a probiotic?

A. Yes, skyr is a probiotic. The means of skyr manufacturing includes fermentation. Therefore, it accommodates stay micro organism, making it a probiotic. Probiotics have quite a few well being advantages like improved digestive and intestinal well being, weight reduction, higher immune system and so on.

Q. Is skyr good for weight reduction?

A. Skyr is excessive in proteins and low in carbohydrates, making it wholesome for weight reduction. Proteins hold you satiated for a very long time and enable you drop a few pounds. In addition, dairy calcium from skyr prevents you from regaining weight and burns fats. The creamy texture of skyr additionally retains you full. Moreover, the low-calorie content material of skyr additionally provides to weight reduction. 

Q. Is skyr a Superfood?

A. Skyr has been a staple of Icelandic delicacies for years. However, it has began gaining reputation within the US and different international locations due to its well being advantages. Its low sugar, calorie and carbohydrate content material makes it useful. In addition, the excessive protein content material makes it even more healthy. Hence, it may be thought of a superfood. 

Q. Is skyr inflammatory?

A. Since meals dairy merchandise like yoghurt and plain unsweetened skyr comprise stay cultures that make them probiotic, they possess anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they could shield people towards harmful intestine micro organism byproducts. Hence, skyr isn’t inflammatory.

Q. Does skyr make you fats?

A. Skyr is a fat-free product. However, individuals often add cream throughout manufacturing, growing the fats degree. But, the excessive protein content material of skyr, alongside with its low sugar and carbohydrate content material, doesn’t make you fats should you eat it carefully. 

Q. How many energy are in skyr?

A. Skyr is a low-calorie meals. One hundred grams of skyr affords solely 73 energy. Its low-calorie content material makes it an ideal addition to your food plan.

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